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Are you an artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, and ready to turn your dreams into a reality?  Well, what if we told you there was a way to do so AND make yourself some extra cash every month?  We know, it sounds too good to be true – but we can offer you that. At Red Period Co., we’ve created the Ambassador Program to allow dedicated followers to reach new heights with our brand!

Are you ready to change your life?
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There is more information about the Ambassador Program below the form!

How does it work?

The Ambassador Program is quite simple – if you become one of our Ambassadors, you’ll receive a personal, unique code. This code can be shared with absolutely anyone – friends, family, followers, classmates – and anytime someone uses it, they’ll receive 10% off their entire purchase on our site.

The Promise:

All that we ask of you is for one (1) single Instagram post per week with us @redperiodco tagged in it. You can post absolutely anything you’d like – pictures of your new items, music videos, art pictures, or even just motivational quotes. As long as you tag us in a post that is focused to help turn your dreams into a reality.


Your Benefits!

Not only will the customer be rewarded, but you will too – as one of our Ambassadors, you’ll receive a permanent 25% off discount for life! Better yet, you will be hooked up with a 10% profit commission on every order that is placed using your code!

As a matter of fact, if you tag us in a post on Instagram with some of our items, we will re-post it on our page and tag you back! - as long as the picture is high quality.


Let's get started

It is free to sign up and your earnings will be sent out through PayPal every month.

In short, Ambassadors are our social media warriors! - Join hands with us to help motivate, inspire, and act boldly[period]


Please contact us via email at for any questions may you have or reach out to us @redperiodco on Instagram!