About Us

Here at Red Period Co., we pride ourselves on not only making high-quality, handmade accessories but also sparking the minds of our unique customers. Every creative person needs motivation, inspiration and encouragement, which is what we strive to provide through our accessories.

Our founder created Red Period Co. from her passion for art and her need to express herself. The color red always resonated with her as it symbolizes being BOLD and making a statement. She wanted her pieces to make a statement and represent passion, a burning desire and the act of being BOLD when following your dreams. Hence the word PERIOD, which is a frequently used punctuation when following a 'statement'.  Her dream is continuously coming to life as innovators, creatives, music artists and young entrepreneurs alike are wearing Red Period Co. accessories around the world.


"It is the mission of Red Period Co. to motivate, inspire and encourage our supporters through high-quality, handmade accessories[period]"

Be BOLD[period] | 2019, The Red Period Company, LLC